Before I start in on what I thought about the Lifetime Original Moive Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life, I’d like to tell you about a National Geographic documentary I also saw this weekend called The World’s Most Dangerous Drug. The documentary was about methamphetamine and how the drug has wrecked havoc throughout the West and Midwest over the last two decades, and how it continues shattering lives wherever it spreads. One man they interviewed started using meth in high school and soon found himself homeless, toothless, alienated by his family and friends, covered in sores, and with more than 400 arrests under his belt. He had turned from a star athlete and strong student into a jittery shell of a human being who felt neither love nor understanding nor compassion, only the need for more meth. His parents said, “We are happy when we get the call from the police saying they have him in custody, because that means he’s still alive. It’s really a relief.”

Well, as bad as that sounds, all I have to say is this: thank GOD this guy doesn’t know about internet pornography, or he would really be in trouble.

Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life is a cautionary tale that chronicles the terrifying downward spiral of Justin Peterson, a high school sophomore who stumbles upon internet pornography and is never again the same boy. Before titty sites, Justin is a star on the swim team and is good at math. He has a loving family, supportive peers, and a wholesome girlfriend who he studies math with. His younger brother looks up to him.

But when his internet whacking starts to evolve from a recreational pastime to an ADDICTION, his life spirals out of his control. Soon, he is blowing off his girlfriend to sit at home at the computer. He loses at a swim meet (and we are led to believe that pornography is to blame for some reason??). He is no longer interested in movie night with his family, which to his credit does not involve Buxom Asians. Somehow, he is no longer good at math? Finally, his brother emulates his behavior, by stealing and viewing a CD-ROM of a porno entitled. Virgin Vaginas. I ask you: what kind of monster is curious about the female form during adolesence?

When his concerned mother finds out that he has been looking at porno on the internet and therefore is obviously not a normal 15-year-old boy, she immediately disconnects the internet in the house and monitors her son closely. Not surprisingly, Justin falls into porno withdrawal (no joke) – a sweaty, writhing twisted-sheet withdrawal filled with psychedelic soft core porno dreams. The urge to jerk off aided by visual stimulation is too much for him — within minutes, he has stolen his mother’s credit card and maxes it out buying porno. How silly of the family to think they could stop this monster inside of him without professional help!

Don’t worry, though, he does get help – but not before losing his girlfriend, getting kicked off the swim team, almost getting raped by a hot cyberslut, and then getting beat within an inch of his life by the cyberslut’s boyfriend. Only then could he utter the words to his mother, “I’m addicted to pornography” and “I think I’d like to start attending church.”

I think we can all learn a lesson here. Don’t do pornography – not even once. And make sure your loved ones are safe, too. Join a sports team, spend more time at movie night with your family, go on a long walk, stay better than average at math, do meth, but don’t do porno even once.