Sometimes I feel like no one else in the office/building/Manhattan feels the same way that I do about the work day. Sometimes it seems like everyone is ready to face the hours spread out before them, excited about meetings and deals, powerfully sipping their iced coffees. But then there are times, like this morning, when I connect with someone, if only for a moment. I was sharing an elevator with your basic middle-aged holiday-sweater three-exclamation-point office lady and her co-worker, a slouched balding guy in a colorless suit who looked a little beat down — like he knew that somewhere along the line he missed out on something.

Her: It’s Tuesday!!!

Him: [long pause] What?

Her: It’s Tuesday. The week is flying by!!!

Him: [longe pause] Seems like it was just yesterday.

Her: Before we know it, Christmas will be here!!!

Him: [longer pause] Before we know it, we’ll all be dead.

I looked up from my book and found his eyes. We both smiled, comforted.