shrimpBen and I worked hard this week – even harder than usual. We’re both working on multiple writing projects four or fives hours a day, we are working full-time jobs, and we are cooking well-balanced meals consisting of lean proteins, greens and whole grains each night. We go to the gym each afternoon, systematically exercising our muscle groups while simultaneously building our cardio (watch out, Brit!). Before we fall into an exhaustive sleep each night, we read various tomes of literature and think complex thoughts about them.

By Thursday afternoon, we were both suffering from soreness, eyestrain, and, most importantly, a sharp, gnawing hunger for fatty protein and partial grains. Morale was low and lactic acid levels were high. It was time to switch gears from work hard to play hard.

I emailed my manager and asked her if I could call in sick on Friday. She said yes and jokingly told me to feel better, further cementing in my mind that she is the most understanding and utterly amazing person in the entire corporate world (at times it almost pains me that she gives me no reason to complain about her). I was free and Thursday night was mine for the taking.

When I got home from work, a bit early, Ben and I tried to wait for dinner time, but after about five minutes of sitting quietly on the couch and both privately thinking about shrimp, we decided that it would be less crowded if we left immediately and ate shrimp as soon as possible.

The experience was everything I could have hoped for. Not only was my meal paid for due to a lost football bet a few weeks before, but the waitress was determined to get us as many shrimp as she could find. If you don’t believe me you should know that after we ordered our endless shrimp entrees but before our meals came, our waitress stopped by our table as we were munching on those awesome cheesy biscuits and drinking delicious brewdogs.

She asked, “Would you like to order more shrimp?”

We looked down at our shrimpless bread saucers confused.

“If you order more shrimp before your meals come, you won’t have any downtime between servings.”

Yes, wonderful Red Lobster waitress, we would like more theoretical shrimp in the future, even before we have tasted the first of our Round One shrimp. Thank you.

In the end, though, the shrimp won. We both put in a strong showing and destroyed many shrimp, but there are many, many left in the world, to be eaten on other nights.

After our delicious meal, we drank a brewdog while playing Big Buck Hunter at our local café/bar/arcade (I won). After that, we played Madden (Ben won) and watched the Colbert Report and drank a brewdog. In short, we played hard.

This morning I got to read in bed and stay in my jammies and eat cereal and watch the Lifetime Movie Network. And then we got back to work.

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