I spent much of the afternoon reading about how to attract more readers to my website. I opened accounts on de.licio.us, Technorati, and thisisby.us. I left comments on blogs that had similar audiences as mine and I tagged my previous entries with vague promises of subject matter that is enticing to the general population- Entertainment! Health! Food! Britney Spears!

I won’t lie – it felt a little weird. Like writing about how great you are for the About Me section of an online singles profile or talking about the awesome diversity of your hobbies and volunteer work at a job interview.

And then, when it was all over, I wrote a long introspective post about blogging, audience, marketing, the internet, and what it means to be successful. About how I have to resist letting my traffic stats effect my subject matter and how content should create audience and not the other way around. About life, death, sex, and my stupid blog.

In the end I came to the conclusion that no artist wants to self-promote or market. Or, they don’t want to have to. We talk about getting discovered, and getting discovered is a very passive thing. Diamonds get discovered — there they are just sitting there, waiting! And that would be nice – very Field of Dreams, very if-you-build-it-they-will-come. But that’s not exactly the way things are. People have to find me before they can read my stuff, and to help people find me, I have to put myself out there. Fin.

The whole thing was all very meta and pensive and super self-indulgent (and long). It was blogging about blogging, and you totally owe me one for erasing it. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that this new post could be described as blogging about blogging about blogging, which is much, much worse. What buzz words can I even tag this entry with? Sadly, the word “brooding” comes to mind.