I had a pleasant Halloween. We walked the streets of Queens and watched the kids run from store to store in their costumes. We ate appetizers for dinner. And I cut out of work just a little early to play shuffleboard and drink beer with Ben at happy hour prices.

The bar where we played shuffleboard was strange – it was totally empty except for me, Ben, and two bartenders who were preparing for what must be a pretty crazy night. The female bartender, who didn’t get any of my jokes (there’s a good chance they weren’t funny), was in the middle of changing into her Playboy brand sexy police officer costume, while the male bartender taught us a party trick that I’d never seen.

Ready? Take an empty beer bottle and find a painted wall corner (latex-based painted walls work best). Rub the bottle against the corner with quick, short strokes. You will feel the bottle start to stick. When you let go, the bottle will be nicely adhered to the wall. It’s neat – perhaps even spooky. And the longer and harder you rub, the longer it will stay. The one we did hung there for at least a few minutes. It has something to do with heat and friction and, well, I don’t know, maybe evil magic.