lion ripleyIt was a week of reckoning for Ripley. Last Thursday she went in for her annual vet visit, which, among other things, involves getting weighed (if you don’t quite recall, Ripley broke our home scale a week into her diet and we’ve had no way to measure her success). After seven weeks of eating right and exercising, Ripley has dropped from 22 pounds down to 15 pounds. She has practically shed a cat’s worth of weight.

Also at her vet visit, Ripley got her annual lion buzz cut – since she has so much fur and is overweight, she has trouble grooming herself if we don’t help out. Not only is her lion cut absolutely the most hilarious thing we’ve ever seen (it looks like she’s wearing those tacky shaggy 70s boots on her paws and has a pom-pom glued to her tail) but it also showed us how well Rips is progressing – her belly is much, much smaller than last year and she now has an empty little pouch where it used to be.

Sure, the early morning kitty alarm has been trying for both humans and kitty and sure, Ripley has probably spent many long, hungry nights scraping by on whatever cockroaches she could catch, but it’s all worth it for how much healthier she’s looking and acting. Anyone who thinks that their obese pet is too cute and cuddly to alter should see what a wonderfully changed and energetic kitty Rips is today.

Also this week Ripley received an important missive from fellow kitty Tiger Harris, of Des Moines. Tiger informed us that there was a free kitty toy even better than milk tabs: milk rings. Tiger, who sounds very learned and dignified, writes in part:

Unlike the discontinuous tab-based milk cap holder, the milk ring rolls and bounces seemingly of its own accord. Moreover, the ring is suitable for holding around one’s front leg and chewing on vigorously.

Please find enclosed four such milk rings. While I have matured beyond the need for such a large supply of milk rings, I am delighted to share the wisdom of my experience. Play with them in good health.

Just as Tiger wrote, Ripley did prefer the milk rings to the milk tabs – they bounce and move better. And, unlike the milk tabs, Ripley will play with them on her own throughout the day without our having to throw one across the kitchen floor every once and a while. Not only that, but Ripley seemed comforted to know that kitties across the country are rooting for her continued success.

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