It’s probably pretty pointless to blog about something my favorite blogger, Docce, has just covered, since I think everyone in the world reads her (or else should). However, if I expose just one new person to wonders of The Daily Coyote, it might just be worth it.

One of my life goals, other than returning to the vast beauty of the Northwest, is to one day own a cat and dog who are best friends – an unlikely heartwarming friendship that is, above all other things, absolutely adorable. They would do everything together – frolic joyfully in prairies, sleep curled together, eat side by side. They would even have little arguments and love spats – each quickly resolved with sheepish apologies and mutual grooming.

So you can imagine my pure delight upon discovering The Daily Coyote, which chronicles the lives of a woman writer and photographer, her adopted coyote pup Charlie, and her tomcat Eli. All three of them live in a one-room cabin in Wyoming, where the writer moved after living in San Francisco and New York City.

After Charlie’s parents were shot, she takes in the tiny pup and raises him – not with the intention of keeping him forever, or to domesticate him, but just to give him a chance in the world. Although Eli at first is terrified of the wild animal, they soon become friends. The photographs are wonderful, as are the short written updates.

And aside from the coyote-cat relationship, it’s refreshing for me personally to read about someone who took the plunge and made the move from New York City to the west. I may never have a coyote and a cat who do everything together, but perhaps one day soon I can at least relocate.

Read The Daily Coyote.